Sports Live Betting Guide – Basics, Advantages, Markets

Sports Live Betting

Various studies and reports indicate that a large percentage of sports bets are In-Play, which confirms the recent trend regarding the importance of this type of wager. Live betting raises the level of excitement, adds a touch of adrenaline to the development of sporting events, and provides new earning opportunities for the most adventurous players. In this review, we will see all the details about this modality that continues to rise.

Live sports betting is available from virtually all bookmakers and betting apps, with a wide variety of sports, events, tournaments, and markets to explore. The demand for this type of real-time betting has grown in recent years, especially thanks to the access to mobile devices that allow placing bets and following events at any time and from anywhere.

Popular Sports and Events for In-Play Bets

To no one's surprise, football is the number one sport for live betting due to its privileged position worldwide and the passion it arouses in a large number of fans. Matches from major European leagues along with international events are first in line for opportunities but not the only ones. Sportsbooks have been polished to present a deep and varied catalogue that includes competitions that are not as widely followed in the media but also offer opportunities to win every day.

Other sports of relevance for In-Play betting are tennis and horse racing, as they have events every day from different countries and venues. The most normal thing in the world is that at any time a user enters a betting website or app, an event of this type is available to bet live. Of course, basketball, rugby, motorsports, volleyball, and hockey are also constantly present in these segments.

Sports betting - Soccer
Sports betting - Tennis
Sports betting - Horse racing

Advantages and Limitations of Live Betting

The biggest benefit of In-Play betting is related to the opportunities it offers. Punters who strike a balance between quick analysis, intuition, and a dash of luck can reap huge profits. Some people have specialized in live sports betting since they manage to perfectly read what is happening in the event to find the best opportunities. To this, we must add a higher level of emotion, adrenaline, and entertainment. As if that were not enough, In-Play sports betting allows you to cover the potential losses of pre-match bets.

Among some limitations or difficult aspects that must be considered when betting live events is the little time to think and create a bet slip. Some bettors need to analyse, compare, and rethink a bet, something that with In-Play betting where odds are updated, and markets fluctuate every minute is almost impossible. This dynamic can also lead to significant losses, especially on a losing streak or if the user does not have adequate self-control.

Types of Wagers and In-Play Betting Markets

Although pre-match betting tends to have a larger selection of markets, live events also have an interesting catalogue to choose from. There are many actions, partial results, or outcomes of specific plays that can be wagered in search of profit. It will always depend on the chosen bookmaker or betting app, but some examples of live betting markets are the following:

  • Football: Team to score the next goal, player to score the next goal, exact final result, handicap, if both teams will score in the first/second half or during the match, total goals between both teams, yellow/red cards/corners /penalties
  • Basketball: Total points between both teams, handicap, winner of the first/second/third/fourth period, margin of victory
  • Tennis: Set winner, exact set score, who will win next game, total games per set, exact score for each set

Regarding the types of bets, it is possible to make single or combined bets, including “prop” bets, always following the rules of the operator. As we have mentioned before, each of the betting markets has odds that are updated throughout the event. Sportsbooks constantly break down what is happening and the probabilities for each outcome.

Sports Betting types
Strategies and Tips for Live Betting

Strategies and Tips for Live Betting

Doing your homework will always be a good starting point for finding value bets. This also applies to In-Play betting, as knowing backgrounds, histories, statistics, and news related to the teams or athletes will give you a solid knowledge base to make decisions. To this must be added a correct interpretation of what is happening minute by minute, paying attention to key plays, injuries, or an unexpected turn. For example, when the underdog gets off to a good start or takes the lead.

As you get to know how a sportsbook website or app works, it will be easier to process data, make quick runs, and spot winning opportunities in the middle of a sporting event. As with any other type of betting, good budget management, specialization in certain sports or competitions, and experience will help you improve your results.